Company Profile

Company name
Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd.
Registration No.
Registered Travel Agency No. 38 (with the Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency)
Head office
Tokyo Skytree East Tower, 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo(From June 29, 2015)MAP
Date established
April 1, 2015
Date Founded
January 31, 1956
3 billion yen
Fiscal year end
December 31
Business activities
1. Travel agency
2. Project proposal, planning and management of international and domestic meetings and conferences
3. Project proposal, planning and management of expositions, anniversary events, sports events and lectures.
4. Organization of and consulting on seminars relating to travel, tourism, and culture
5. Planning, design, and consulting relating to development of tourist destinations
6. Business relating to advertising and publicity.
7. Business relating to leasing and management of real estate
8. Business relating to nonlife insurance agency and life insurance subscription
9. Business relating to money changing, money lending, and credit card handling
10. Business relating to the issue, sale, and agency of gift vouchers and prepaid payments instruments
11. Business relating to the sale and agency of travel goods, sports goods, souvenirs, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, food and drink, publications, toys, electrical appliances, furniture and interior products, household articles, etc.
12. Business relating to temporary staffing services
13. Business relating to computer-based information processing and information delivery services
14. Business relating to interpreting and translation
15. Business relating to leasing
16. Business relating to ticket booking agency
17. Business relating to money collection agency
18. Security Service
19. All kinds of work incidental to and associated with the above items
Board of Directors,
Executive Officers,
and Statutory Auditors
President: Nobuaki Sakamaki
Managing Director/General Manager of General Management Division: Masanori Fukumizu
Director/General Manager of General Sales Division: Shinji Takahashi
Director/Deputy General Manager of General Sales Division:Yasushi Karakita
Director/General Manager of Planning and Purchase Division: Azuma Yamamoto
Statutory Auditor: Masaaki Matsuzaki
Statutory Auditor: Shuhei Yoshida
Statutory Auditor: Naotaka Nakajima
Executive Officer/Deputy General Manager of General Management Division:Katsuya Wakisaka
Executive Officer/Deputy General Manager of Corporate Sales Division:Masayuki Abe
Executive Officer/Deputy General Manager of Kansai Regional Sales Office:Kiyotaka Shimotsuya
Executive Officer/Personal Sales Division・Media Sales Department:Satoshi Tsukano
Executive Officer/Business Management Department:Hirofumi Yasuhara
Executive Officer/General Sales Department:Masahiro Kamakura
Executive Officer/Sports and Tokyo2020 Marketing and Sales Department:Takashi Akizuki
Executive Officer/Grobal Marketing and Sales Department:Yasuhiko Iso
Executive Officer/ Marketing and Sales Department:Shinichi Hamazaki
Executive Officer/Business Support Department:Koichi Harada
2,280 (as of April 1, 2015)
Main banks
Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Resona Bank
Japan Association of Travel Agents
Japan Association of Travel Agents Compensation Security Bond System
Travel Agency Fair Trade Council

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