Greeting from the President

We want to become “the people’s choice travel company”!

When Tobu Travel Co., Ltd. and TOPTOUR CORPORATION merged on April 1, 2015, we took a bold, new step in our evolution.

For more than half a century, the two companies strived tirelessly to satisfy and please their customers well beyond expectations. Now with this merger, which brings together each company’s outstanding qualities and management resources, we are confident that we can meet the diversifying needs of our customers and offer them highly specialized services.

We are proposing real solutions to the complex challenges of our corporate customers, by offering a variety of plans to support them in business activities such as large gatherings, conferences, incentive travels, and sales campaigns. In the area of educational travel, we are leveraging our wealth of experience by creating safe and fulfilling travel plans and offering a range of richly appealing programs. We are also well equipped to help the ever growing number of overseas visitors to enjoy the charms of Japan, by making use of the abundant tourist resources of the Tobu Group, including Tokyo Skytree. For individual and group customers we provide memorable journeys marked by a genuine spirit of hospitality.

On top of all this, we work hard on our CSR activities. To fulfill our social and environmental responsibilities we help to revive and revitalize local communities through travel and tourism. At the same time, we will strive to establish a culture of strict legal compliance in all our business activities, with a strong emphasis on “fairness.”

Everyone at Tobu Top Tours is committed to working together to deliver the highest possible level of customer satisfaction, which we call “100%+ customer satisfaction,” with a friendly and personal touch, keeping in mind our aim of becoming “the people’s choice travel company.”

Nobuaki Sakamaki President & CEO, Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd.


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