Corporate Philosophy

“People” will always be our primary concern

logo of Tobu Top Tours

The company logo of Tobu Top Tours simply and directly expresses the concept of mutual gratitude (through three converging Ts = thanks), which means that we regard “people” as the key element and principal asset of our business.

The logo depicts three intersecting “Ts” that stand for “Thanks” and also for “Tobu Top Tours.”

The space at the center of the three linked “Ts” forms the shape of the Japanese character for “people” (人).

The three logo colors represent the unification of three companies, Tobu Travel, TOPTOUR, and parent company Tobu Railway Co., Ltd.

Corporate philosophy… “Human warmth” - creating connections of gratitude”

Tobu Top Tours regards “people” as the focal point and principal asset of its business. Working together with our customers, partners, and people of local communities we are committed to creating chains of gratitude to help build a brighter tomorrow, and to developing safe, secure, unrivaled services that exceed all expectations.

Business vision… To contribute to the happiness of customers and everyone else connected with the company.

Our goal as a company is to help create connections of mutual appreciation and gratitude…between us and our customers, between us and our business partners, and between all employees of the company.

A principled, capable company that inspires its customers with advanced specialization and high added value
A company that makes a positive social contribution by enhancing quality-of-life and promoting local development
A company that helps employees and their families enrich their lives through work and gives them dreams and pride to further their happiness
A human resources-focused company where the growth and enterprise of employees serves as a wellspring of social development
An honorable company that is fully committed to compliance


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