International Outbound and Inbound Travel

Asakusa Sensouji
yuki no Shirakawagou

From the world to Japan.
Travel to Japan/Inbound tourism activities.

Driven by the “Visit Japan Campaign” actively promoted by the Japanese government in partnership with the private sector, as well as five elements that have made Japan an attractive travel destination—relaxed visa requirements, a lower yen, the expanded range of duty free products, the increase in low-cost airline services, and the popularity of Japanese culture—the number of overseas visitors to Japan is increasing sharply, particularly from Asia. In addition, the scheduling of the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo is expected to boost overseas visitor numbers to 20 million a year.
In 2010 an international travel business division was established through the inbound tourism efforts of our predecessor company, Tokyu Tourist Co., Ltd, and Tobu Top Tours is now building on this effort to enhance its systems for the growing number of travelers and tourists from both the West and from Asia.

Examples of our inbound travel-related initiatives and events.

• Invitation of public agencies, independent administrative corporations, and public service corporations
• Port call support for international luxury cruise liners
• Incentive tours to Japan
• International conferences
• International exhibitions
• “Visit Japan Campaign” initiatives
• Projects to help local governments in Japan attract tourists
• Sister city exchanges
• Industrial training
• Visits to Japanese companies
• Sports tournaments
• Events
• Cultural and sports exchanges

About the Quality Assurance System for Tour Operators

Tobu Top Tours meets all the standards of the “Quality Assurance System for Tour Operators” scheme, which is designed to guarantee the safety, security, and quality of travel packages to Japan.
At Tobu Top Tours, we not only wholeheartedly welcome overseas visitors to Japan, but we are also committed to improving the quality of travel packages to Japan, to ensure that we provide visitors with high-quality travel experiences that allow them to fully enjoy the delights of Japanese culture, history, cuisine, and traditions during their stay, and leave them with a desire to visit Japan again.


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